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Various timing efforts

An experiment using a 7 way comparison run on an amd64 2.2 GHz

Running with 1 sequence repeat masked

diane@brisby:~/proj/mussa_analyses/mck_1repeat/ChCoDoHuMoOpRa$ time ~/proj/mussa/build64/qui/mussagl --no-gui --run mck_w20_t14.mupa

real 7m44.508s user 7m43.182s sys 0m0.307s 04/13/06 01:07:58: Modified by diane

running with all repeat masked diane@brisby:~/proj/mussa_analyses/mck_repeatmasked/ChCoDoHuMoOpRa$ time ~/proj/mussa/build64/qui/mussagl --no-gui --run mck_w20_t14.mupa

real 3m36.728s user 3m35.672s sys 0m0.268s diane@brisby:~/proj/ 05/01/06 17:58:07: Modified by diane

I loged out without copying no repeat masking was on the order of 13,500 minutes of real & user time.

--- On a 2.0 GHz x86 Mac

This is with nothing at all repeat masked.

motoko:~/proj/mussa_analyses/mck_1repeat/HuMoRa diane$ time ~/proj/mussa/build/qui/ --run mck.mupa --no-gui I apologize for blocking the gui while running the analysis

real 5m23.544s user 5m11.089s sys 0m6.421s

This is with simple and low complexity repeats masked.

motoko:~/proj/mussa_analyses/mck_1repeat/HuMoRa diane$ time ~/proj/mussa/build/qui/ --run mck_simple.mupa --no-gui I apologize for blocking the gui while running the analysis

real 0m19.550s user 0m18.929s sys 0m0.457s

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