15:36 Ticket #93 (Allow opening two analyses at once.) created by diane
15:25 Ticket #92 (Allow one to temporarily disable a motif) created by diane
It'd be useful if one could temporarily turn rendering a motif on and off.


10:15 WikiStart edited by king
10:14 MussaglBuild edited by king
09:38 MussaglBuild edited by king
09:37 MussaglBuild edited by king


19:38 Ticket #91 (quits) created by ghernand@…
greetings! mussagl quits when one red line is selected and you choose …


13:02 Ticket #83 (Mussa should complain about misformatted fasta files instead of crashing.) closed by diane
fixed: [180] fixes this


16:29 Ticket #64 (Occasionally ConservedPath crashes) closed by diane
fixed: I'm going to optimistcally assume that ticket:89 was a reliable way to …
16:28 Ticket #85 (mussagl quits, just like i will AGAIN soon.) closed by diane
fixed: [178] fixes this.
13:14 Ticket #90 (the arrow keys aren't connected to the scrollbar) created by ghernand@…
a small detail first. the arrows (left-right) on the bottom of the …


18:01 Ticket #15 (Unify build system) closed by diane
15:55 Ticket #89 (Blast to find mussa regions) created by diane
its unclear if this is a good idea or not, but it might be …
14:03 Ticket #88 (Find titus' paper on FR versus the bacterial genomes) created by diane
They had some conclusion about different models of evolution for the …
13:54 Ticket #87 (Autodetect threshold) created by diane
It might be useful to autodetect a reasonable threshold…
11:21 Ticket #86 (Progresss bar) created by diane
Some tasks take a long time to run, so we really should give some hint …
11:12 Ticket #85 (mussagl quits, just like i will AGAIN soon.) created by ghernand@…
once the three way screen shot is active, if i try to click on the up …
00:47 Ticket #84 (The analysis title should report what file you loaded) created by diane


15:56 MussaglBuild edited by diane
15:53 MussaglBuild edited by diane


14:32 Ticket #83 (Mussa should complain about misformatted fasta files instead of crashing.) created by ghernand@…
i entered 3 sequences using the browser function. two sequences were …


00:40 Ticket #82 (Unit test python API) created by diane
With the new cmake system I should make sure that I also test my boost …


12:06 Ticket #81 (Storing and searching metadata) created by diane
It'd be really really nice if there was some way that a person could …


00:53 Ticket #74 (On OSX when maxmizing the sidebar stays on the GL canvas) closed by diane
fixed: [162] changed from using QSplitter to just a QHBoxLayout (with sizing …
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