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Windows build information


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17:37 Ticket #243 (Change mussa track to white boxes with Ns highlighted in black) created by diane
also using colors to highlight the start and end…
17:10 Ticket #242 (make really sure people understand how repeatmasking prevents motifs ...) created by diane
CANNTG Human/Mouse Mask one of them, and both of them... connections …
16:29 Ticket #241 (One of the annotations needed is to show where the start of the gene is) created by diane
16:19 Ticket #240 (When there are no matches, mussa doesn't seem to display anything) created by diane
For whatever reason when there are no matches for an analysis (as …
16:17 Ticket #239 (Report error when trying to load a directory as an annotation.) created by diane
Mussa crashes when an ANNOTATION isn't a file, throw an error instead.


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12:33 Ticket #238 (Set left offset graphically) created by diane
Setting the left edge of a sequence numerically ticket:111 is …
12:31 Ticket #111 (Set zero/alignment point for a sequence) closed by diane
fixed: A simple implementation in the patches [484] [486] [487] [488] [489]. …
11:43 Ticket #229 (Package Everything for 1.0) closed by diane
fixed: Hey, didn't we post this?


15:42 Ticket #237 (Crashing with invalid file name) closed by diane
fixed: closed by [485]. Boost::Filesystem is picky, I really need to remember …


16:57 Ticket #237 (Crashing with invalid file name) created by diane
Some character in the name …


13:48 Milestone release_1.0 completed
This is for things that need to be done for "release 1.0"
13:48 Milestone document_1.0 completed
finish off updating the documentation for our initial release.
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