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Turns out we are dependant on cmake version >= 2.2

MussaGL Build Info

General Requirements

Windows XP Requirements

  • MingGW (gcc compiler and tools for Windows... Qt4.1 installer will install it for you).

CMake Build commands

Note: Requires cmake version >= 2.2

To check your current version, type:

cmake --version

CMake has several advantages over qmake or standard make files for multiplatform development. One advantage is that it lets one build out of source (which makes clean up if a build goes wrong much easer.)

After installing cmake, change to the mussa source directory and do the following.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

(Yes its annoying that the executable is dropped in a subdirectory, I hope that as I learn more about cmake I can fix that).

To run the unittests from with in the build directory type

make test



Some useful alternate modes for cmake are:

make VERBOSE=1

which will show the actual commands being used to compile the program, and

ctest -VV

which will show the output of the various test programs.

QMake Build Command

Building with qmake (this can only build mussagl, it doesn't build the python interface or the unittests)



If running make generates a large number of error messages, you mostly likely ran the qt3 version of qmake.

qmake -version

should report

QMake version: 2.00a
Using Qt version 4.1.0 in [wherever qt4 was installed]

If necessary you can download qt4 from

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