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Multi-Species Sequence Analysis

We be plundering the High Sequence Seas For the hidden Treasures of Conservation

About Mussa

Mussa is an N-way version of the FamilyRelations (which is a part of the Cartwheel project) 2-way comparative sequence analysis software. Given DNA sequence from N species, Mussa uses all possible pairwise comparions to derive an N-wise comparison. For example, given sequences 1,2,3, and 4, Mussa makes 6 2-way comparisons: 1vs2, 1vs3, 1vs4, 2vs3, 2vs4, and 3vs4. It then compares all the links between these comparisons, saving those that satisfy a transitivity requirement. The saved paths are then displayed in an interactive viewer.

Mussagl in action.


Currently, we provide two types of binary releases for Mussagl. The first is a development build and the second is a stable release build.

Development Builds - New builds are made as new features / bug fixes are implemented. Many times these builds will be stable, but from time to time, a new feature will break something. Please report any bugs you find and hopefully we will be able to fix the bug and make a new build in a timely fashion.

Stable Releases - Stable releases are made when milestones have been reached and has been tested by our various test users.

Source - The source is available as well. Compiling from sources is currently the only way to get a Linux build. Binary versions maybe made available in the future, most likely Debian packages. See darcs section of the wiki for information on downloading the source.


Stable Releases:

Application Version Release Date License Mac OS X (Binary) Windows XP (Binary) Source (Linux/Mac/Win) Version Control darcs tag
Mussagl 1.0.0 Nov. 1st, 2006 GPL v2 Available later today Win32 Installer Source (.tar.gz) darcs mussa_1.0.0
Mussagl development builds See development builds above GPL v2 See development builds above See development builds above See Version Control darcs N/A


If you would like to contact us about Mussagl, feel free to e-mail one or both of us:

  • Diane Trout <diane (at)>
  • Brandon King <kingb (at)>


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