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Mussa - Darcs Revision Control System

What is Darcs?

To quote the darcs web site:

Darcs is a revision control system. Darcs is simple to learn and use,
with a powerful new approach to meet the needs of today's distributed
software projects. Darcs is decentralized, based on a "theory of
patches" with roots in quantum mechanics.

How do I check out a copy of Mussagl using darcs?

  1. Download & Install Darcs
  2. Checkout a copy of mussagl using the command:
darcs get mussagl

How do get the latest patches if I have already checked out a copy of Mussagl?

cd <mussagl_directory>
darcs pull

How do I build mussa from source?

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.