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Reported by: diane Owned by: diane
Priority: minor Milestone: release_1.2
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Brandon suggested that it'd be useful for mussa to have some version number... perhaps the count of darcs patches?

Though there's a problem with that in that its relative to a particular darcs repository.

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comment:1 by king, 18 years ago

See changeset:420 for useful python script.

comment:2 by diane, 18 years ago

Milestone: Few Small Repairsdocument_1.0

I'm cheating and going to say "version number" is an enhancement that's not technically required for this release. (So I'm going to move it to the documentation release). This may be just so I can, at least once make a deadline.

comment:3 by diane, 18 years ago

Milestone: document_1.0release_1.0

comment:4 by diane, 18 years ago

This is really hard to do right with darcs & cmake. It's far easier to just make a manual version number, or perhaps include the build user/host/date-time.

comment:5 by diane, 18 years ago

Milestone: release_1.0Standing on our heads

I'm not going to fix this for this release... moving to a later milestone.

comment:6 by diane, 18 years ago

Milestone: Standing on our headsrelease_1.1

comment:7 by diane, 18 years ago

A very different solution to this would be store the darcs changelog in the distributed app, and then add a webcall that could compare that list of patches with the current list on darcs and report how many patches behind the running version is. (Heck it could even let you browse the patches).

comment:8 by diane, 18 years ago

The ultimate in cool once you have the ability to store the darcs xml-patches you could submit that with your bug report. With that data, it should be possible to provide some darcs tool to pull just the patches from that xml file so the developers could test that exact version. (Excluding issues from dependencies.)

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