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mussa command line seems to be broken...

Reported by: king Owned by: diane
Priority: critical Milestone:
Component: core Version: 1.0
Keywords: commandline Cc:


I have been trying to run mupa files from the command line, but it keeps throwing the same error...


king@ColossusX:~/proj/mussa_analyses/myogenin$ make
cd HuOp; ~/proj/mussa/build/mussagl --no-gui --run myog_w30_t21.mupa
I apologize for blocking the gui while running the analysis
cd HuCoDoMoRaOp; ~/proj/mussa/build/mussagl --no-gui --run myog_w30_t21.mupa
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'annotation_load_error'
  what():  Error parsing annotation #2
Aborted (core dumped)
make: *** [HuCoDoMoRaOp/myog_w30_t21] Error 134

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comment:1 by king, 18 years ago

Having an extra piece of whitespace, i.e. '<SPACE>\n' in the middle of a FASTA sequence, then it will fail.

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