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#263 new defect

Compile warnings must die!

Reported by: king Owned by: diane
Priority: critical Milestone: release_1.1
Component: Qt Gui Version:
Keywords: Cc:


I noticed compile warnings showed up when compiling MussaGL on Linux, this probably should be fixed before the release, just to make things look and feel like a release. =o)

Change History (2)

comment:1 by king, 17 years ago

New line at EOF change sets: [558], [559]

comment:2 by king, 17 years ago

Still need to fix this warning:

[0m/home/buildslave/mussa/mussa-full/build/qui/seqbrowser/SequenceDescription.cpp: In member function ‘void SequenceDescription::setGlSequence(boost::shared_ptr<GlSequence>)’:
/home/buildslave/mussa/mussa-full/build/qui/seqbrowser/SequenceDescription.cpp:59: warning: passing ‘GLfloat’ for argument 1 to ‘void SequenceDescription::setLength(int)’
/home/buildslave/mussa/mussa-full/build/qui/seqbrowser/SequenceDescription.cpp: In member function ‘int SequenceDescription::length() const’:
/home/buildslave/mussa/mussa-full/build/qui/seqbrowser/SequenceDescription.cpp:122: warning: converting to ‘int’ from ‘GLfloat’
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