12:45 Ticket #113 (For some reason on Ali's machine cmake is linking in X11) created by diane
When I manually link and remove the X11 reference it still builds …


17:02 PerformanceNotes created by diane
16:53 WikiStart edited by diane


16:10 Ticket #112 (Sequence logo) created by diane
It'd be neat if the mussa analysis could show a "sequence logo", the …
12:04 WikiStart edited by king
added link to user guide (diff)


15:33 Ticket #111 (Set zero/alignment point for a sequence) created by diane
You might want the sequence view to align someplace other than the …


12:32 Ticket #110 (Running a subanalysis with nothing loaded causes the program to crash) closed by diane
fixed: Should be fixed in [287] by making the subanalysis run button disable …
11:58 Ticket #110 (Running a subanalysis with nothing loaded causes the program to crash) created by diane
(at least according to brandon)
11:57 Ticket #109 (Subanalysis sequence list wasn't being cleared) closed by diane
fixed: Fixed [285] Might help to call .clear() instead of .pop_back(), …
11:56 Ticket #109 (Subanalysis sequence list wasn't being cleared) created by diane


00:00 Ticket #20 (Toggle Motif Button Implementation) closed by diane
fixed: The new checkboxes implemented in [276] for ticket:92 is basically …


23:57 Ticket #26 (SubAnalysis mode) closed by diane
fixed: Fully implemented in [283]


17:35 Ticket #71 (AnnotationColors don't always color motifs correctly) closed by diane
worksforme: Actually I think that's just the zoom being weird, sometimes resizing …
17:32 Ticket #92 (Allow one to temporarily disable a motif) closed by diane
fixed: Implemented (though without any gui labels) in [276]
14:41 Ticket #95 (Annotations masked out when motif defined and then undefined.) closed by diane
fixed: fixed [274]


17:40 Ticket #33 (changing threshold can cause the UI to freeze) closed by diane
fixed: There's now a progress bar which gives the user the sense of that the …
17:34 Ticket #108 (Cancel on the progress bar should do something) created by diane
A simple answer is to call exit()
17:13 Ticket #51 (Copying sequence might be useful) closed by diane
fixed: dont feel like looking up when i implemented this, but it certainly …
12:40 Ticket #102 (Update "blocking the gui" comment in --no-gui mode.) closed by diane
wontfix: MUSSA stands for Make Ur System Suffer Always. Though perhaps I …


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21:15 Ticket #107 (Motifs don't show up on the Mussa Aligned Sequence window anymore.) created by diane
somehow I recently broke the view AlignedSequence window.
19:17 Ticket #106 (Figure out how to test copySelectedTracks) created by diane
I need to figure out some way to programmatically set a selection so I …
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