18:38 Ticket #126 (Figure out how to get the spirit parsers to report parse errors) created by diane
The annotation parser and the motif parser are now both using the …
18:36 Ticket #116 (Perhaps the motif file should have a name field.) closed by diane
fixed: implmented in [361] with the caveat that my spirit parsers don't throw …
15:52 Ticket #73 (Performance problems doing analysis) closed by diane
invalid: This ticket was mostly gathering information about what influences …
15:36 Ticket #125 (autodetect if python needs -lutil) created by diane
On Fedora core the version of python requires being linked with …
15:35 Ticket #124 (report patch version) created by diane
Brandon suggested that it'd be useful for mussa to have some version …
15:33 Ticket #123 (Allow hiding sidebars) created by diane
Tristan complained briefly about the sidebars taking up too much …


18:21 Ticket #101 (On windows, the file browse button doesn't remember the previous path) closed by diane
fixed: Actually this applied to the os x (and probably linux) versions as …
17:31 Ticket #122 (Motif editor needs to support more than 10 motifs) created by diane
I really should be using one of the Qt MVC classes to let the number …
17:13 Ticket #107 (Motifs don't show up on the Mussa Aligned Sequence window anymore.) closed by diane
worksforme: I'm going to pretend this is working at the moment. If someone …
17:11 Ticket #27 (Collect example sequences) closed by diane
fixed: i've got lots of example sequence now... I don't think this is …
17:10 Ticket #114 (Location analyses are saved to is ill-defined on OS X.) closed by diane
fixed: [358] sets the default save as directory to the users home directory, …
16:57 Ticket #119 (Add dependencies to MussaglBuild page) closed by diane
fixed: I think I've added the current set of dependencies.


17:45 MussaglBuild edited by diane
notes about python dependency. (diff)
17:43 MussaglBuild edited by diane
17:42 MussaglBuild edited by diane
really we need cmake 2.4 (diff)


22:13 Ticket #121 (the load_mupa function choaks when given something other than a file) closed by diane
fixed: Fixed in [352]
17:01 Ticket #121 (the load_mupa function choaks when given something other than a file) created by diane
The load_mussa code hangs when you run mussa --run <directoy name>.


16:49 WikiStart edited by king


17:51 Ticket #118 (Tracks need an edit properites option.) closed by diane
fixed: The important bit, setting the sequence name was implemented in [336].
14:57 Ticket #120 (Windows doesn't have python installed by default) created by diane
If we're to use python for some glue logic, there's a problem of where …
14:49 Ticket #86 (Progresss bar) closed by diane
fixed: This was done a while ago and left open because the cancel button …
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