17:11 Ticket #35 (Zoom Icon) closed by king
fixed: See changeset:111
16:49 Ticket #35 (Zoom Icon) created by king
Zoom icon for zoom spin box.
16:38 Ticket #34 (Unused variable 'max_range' in 'void ...) created by king
qui/seqbrowser/ScrollableSequenceBrowser.cpp: In member function ‘void …
16:34 Ticket #32 (The trac pages should become the main mussa website) closed by king
fixed: That should be good enough for now... closing ticket.
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links to tickets. (diff)
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Adding documentation links. (diff)
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Basic build information (needs work)
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directions for checking out a copy of mussagl from darcs repository. (diff)
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creating darcs instructions (in progress) (diff)
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15:07 darcs created by king
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Adding download information (slowly) (diff)
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Mussa C++/FLTK (diff)
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Info on mussa versions (diff)
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cartwheel link (diff)
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Porting useful information from old mussa website to trac wiki (easier … (diff)


23:26 Ticket #24 (Clean up the signals and slots) closed by diane
fixed: It could've been more refactored, but the API is fairly …
20:58 Ticket #33 (changing threshold can cause the UI to freeze) created by diane
For larger datasets, the length of time it takes to recompute the nway …
19:10 Ticket #32 (The trac pages should become the main mussa website) created by diane
The trac pages should become the main mussa page. Preferably with …
18:02 WikiStart edited by king
18:01 OriginalTracStartPage created by king
Moving the trac start page out of the way.
18:01 WikiStart edited by king
17:20 Ticket #31 (Threshold Widget should use spinboxes) created by diane
There are some weaknesses with the slider bar approach for the mussa …
15:19 Ticket #30 (Allow "leave one out" nway transitive searches) created by diane
It would be really useful if a path could still be drawn even if it …
15:18 Ticket #29 (Connect to Core Match) created by diane
Integrate tony's core match algorithm. (Hmm... might also want to …
11:14 Ticket #28 (Allow user to force a loaded sequence to be reverse complimented.) created by diane
When loading a sequence, it'd be nice to be able indicate that it …
11:02 Ticket #27 (Collect example sequences) created by diane
mck5 myogenin (stevens worm region) myf4/myf5 big region test case …
10:57 Ticket #26 (SubAnalysis mode) created by diane
Implement some form of subanalysis mode (last original mussa feature).
01:03 Ticket #25 (broke motif colors) closed by diane
00:46 Ticket #25 (broke motif colors) created by diane
00:39 Ticket #24 (Clean up the signals and slots) created by diane
I don't think I've set up the signals & slots for updating the various …
00:37 Ticket #3 (View descriptions) closed by diane
fixed: It works though the formatting isn't good, and the class hierarchy …
00:16 Ticket #23 (The threshold widget was broken too) closed by diane
00:16 Ticket #23 (The threshold widget was broken too) created by diane
The change to segment based drawing broke the threshold widget, as …
00:12 Ticket #22 (default size hint broken) closed by diane


19:25 Ticket #22 (default size hint broken) created by diane
When launching mussagl without any analysis, it doesn't pick a …
17:57 Ticket #16 (figure out how to get selections to work with new segment based drawing) closed by diane
fixed: Whenever I close a ticket I seem to immediately open a new one, …
17:50 Ticket #21 (Implement a better way of handling the GL selection buffer) created by diane
The current opengl selection code uses a hard coded buffer size, which …
14:08 Ticket #19 (I broke the scrollbar too) closed by diane
fixed: Calls to setLayout from within the QGLWidget derived class' …
12:02 Ticket #20 (Toggle Motif Button Implementation) created by king
Make motifs go away... we don't like them... well some times we do.
11:23 Ticket #19 (I broke the scrollbar too) created by diane
The new draw code also broke the scroll bar. And is there a chance to …
02:37 Ticket #18 (segments should indicate if they're both forward and reveresed) created by diane
a segment should track forward and reverse compliment separately, as …
02:09 Ticket #17 (Allow user to specify an offset for base pair location label) created by diane
In order to make it easer to map some random fasta file back to the …
02:00 Ticket #16 (figure out how to get selections to work with new segment based drawing) created by diane
Though the new segment based drawing is faster it does make selection …
01:58 Ticket #2 (Connection view) closed by diane


14:26 Ticket #15 (Unify build system) created by diane
It'd be nice if I didn't have to deal with both the qmake-qt4 derived …
00:16 Ticket #14 (Motifs need to be creatable and editable from within the GUI) created by diane
I hacked in loading motifs from a file, but there really should be …
00:11 Ticket #12 (modify motifs attached to an analysis) closed by diane
fixed: Splattering done. User interface missing.
00:10 Ticket #13 (AnnotationColor mapper needs a user interface) created by diane
One might imagine that users would actually like to edit colors by …
00:05 Ticket #1 (Annotation color mapper) closed by diane
fixed: The colors are tracked, but there's no UI. I'm going to close this …


18:03 Ticket #12 (modify motifs attached to an analysis) created by diane
There are many ways of going about this, ticket:10 for instance. …
17:54 Ticket #11 (create unifed sequence type) created by diane
There are many different types of things that we attach to a sequence, …
00:17 Ticket #10 (Integrate motifs with annotations) created by diane
The old code treated motifis and annotations differently. I think …


11:52 Ticket #9 (Connect to cartwheel) created by diane
Can we connect to cartwheel and be both a front end for cartwheel and …
11:50 Ticket #8 (Per species thresholds) created by diane
One requested feature was that one could set the threshold of …
11:49 Ticket #7 (Reuse seqcomps) created by diane
When running a batch of analysis mussa doesn't understand that its …
11:47 Ticket #6 (Analysis saving is smelly) created by diane
Analysis saving uses system calls to make a directory and splatter a …


23:47 Ticket #5 (Configure a mussa analysis from the Gui) created by diane
Need to be able to provide the sequence and parameters needed to run a …
23:46 Ticket #4 (Aligned sequence view) created by diane
In addition to the view showing the connections between different …
23:44 Ticket #3 (View descriptions) created by diane
Users should be able to see things describing a sequence track, like …
23:43 Ticket #2 (Connection view) created by diane
Provide a GL widget like thing that handles the linking of base pair …
23:40 Ticket #1 (Annotation color mapper) created by diane
We need some way of tracking the colors an annotation (and motifs) …


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